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Getting Connected

Internet, Cable and Telecommunications

Internet access which is fast and wireless, is readily available in Singapore. ADSL and fiber optic broadband options are also available. 

Singapore's broadband penetration has reached 99.9%, this means nearly every household has broadband internet access. 

Internet and cable services are easy to set up and are provided by these major providers, StarHub, Singtel and M1. Other up and coming service providers include ViewQuest and MyRepublic. 

Internet providers generally require a completed application form, a copy of your NRIC or Employment Pass/ Work Permit/ Student Pass, copy of your passport and a deposit. 

For wired internet access you will also need a copy of your tenancy agreement. Services offered vary depending on the provider you select. 

Prices are competitive and special offers are common to entice new customers. 

Services are often bundled with cable and telephone services. Most internet packages have an obligatory 24 month contract. 

If you break the contract early you might have to pay the difference until the end of the contract period.

Cable TV

Cable TV is offered by Starhub and SingTel, via Mio TV. Both providers regularly offer special deals especially if you bundle your package with internet and mobile phone services. 

Cable TV offers many channels such as Fox News Channel, CNN, BBC as well as foreign language channels such as Mandarin, Korean, Malay, Tamil, French, German and many more. StarHub offers more than 40 international channels and Singtel offers more than 26 channels.

There are 9 free-to-air channels, 5 of which are also available in high definition.

Phone Services

Singaporeans love their mobile phones, or hand phones, as they call them. People are constantly texting, playing games or watch movies on their phones. 

Perhaps it is just a sign of the times. Mobile phone service reception is very good and even available on the underground MRT.

The three mobile service providers are StarHub, SingTel and M1. You can subscribe to a service plan or buy a pay-as-you-use Sim card.

StarHub and SingTel also offer landline telephone services. 

TIP! If you need a little help in getting set up and connected or for general IT assistance you can contact The Geek Team Asia 

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