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Medical Care

As an expat you will most likely have some kind of medical insurance through your company.  That being said some companies offer medical insurance to their employees only and not to their families. 

Some of the major insurance companies like Prudential and AIA offer plans that foreigners may buy. It is important that your insurer offers worldwide and annually renewable insurance policies suitable for international citizens in Singapore. 

Some insurance companies such as Expat Insurance offer Medical as well as home & contents, travel and business insurance. Finding the best  insurance company that will suit all your needs can be a tedious process but it is very necessary as health care in Singapore can be very pricey!

Once you have unpacked all the boxes and started settling in to life in Singapore another thing to take care of is finding a family doctor (general practitioner) and a dentist. (Also find a veterinarian for your furry family). Familiarize yourself with the location of nearby hospitals. 

Don't wait until there is an emergency and then try to find a doctor or hospital! Healthcare facilities in Singapore are widely recognized as being excellent and efficient. 

The private healthcare sector provides care to foreign patients and public patients who are able to afford what can sometimes be large out of pocket fees. 

As of 2015 there are a total of 8 public hospitals and and 10 private hospitals in Singapore.

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