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Getting Around

The easiest and cheapest way to get around is by bus or train, known as the MRT. Public transport is clean, safe and on time! 

An EZ-Link card which may be purchased at MRT passenger service desks, 7-Eleven shops, some ATM's, post offices and online at makes traveling easy and efficient. The EZ-Link card is tapped at the train turn stile at be beginning and end of each journey and the fare is deducted from your positive balance. 

Bus fares are also calculated by tapping in and out of the bus. Taxis are also a great option and relatively inexpensive. There are some great Apps to help you get around.  

Buying your own car in Singapore can be very expensive and the process can be confusing! Over and above the cost of the vehicle and various taxes you also need to buy a COE - Certificate of Entitlement which is valid for 10 years. 

The government uses this system to control the number of cars on the road and only releases a limited number of COE a year. The price of a COE varies according to demand and can be up to $100,000! On the plus side if you sell your car you will recoup the unused portion of the COE. 

The cost of the vehicle and the COE can be financed over a ten year period.

Bus Services

The majority of people in Singapore use public transport as their main means of transport. Public buses form a large part of the public transportation network. Most bus services are operated by SMRT Buses and SBS Transit.

There are currently around 4,200 buses in operation which provide over three million rides a day!

There are currently 16 bus terminals and 22 bus interchanges in use. A bus interchange is a facility which has connections to other modes of transport such as the MRT. 

Currently not all buses are wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair accessible bus (WAB) will have a decal on the front windscreen. WABs are equipped with a manual ramp near the rear exit door. 

The driver will deploy the ramp and will ensure that the passenger is secured safely on board and will also assist with fare payment. When the passenger wishes to alight they press the bell to alert the driver who will then assist them to alight.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) offers a very useful App with an array of transport features.

Helpful Websites:

Useful Tips!

If you which to board a bus you must flag it down as it approaches the bus stop. If you  which to alight you need to push the bell to indicate your intention of getting off at the next bus stop.

Singapore encourages people top be considerate and courteous. Please offer your seat to the elderly, the disabled or those traveling with small children.

Smoking, eating, drinking, pets and Durians (a tropical fruit which has a very strong odour!) are not allowed on buses.

Taxi Services

Since most people in Singapore do not own private motor vehicles taxicabs are a very popular and convenient mode of transport. There are currently 6 taxicab companies and 141 independent taxi operators in Singapore. This translates to over 28,000 taxis on the island!

Taxis may be flagged down along any public road at any time except along main roads in the CBD. There are many taxi stands in the CBD area from which a taxi booking service may me called. Each taxi stand is denoted by a unique location code to facilitate easy pick ups. 

One of the easiest ways to book a taxi is by using the mobile App of your preferred taxi company. You will be given an approximate time of arrival of your taxi when you make the booking and an alert will also be sent to your phone when the taxi is close to the pick up point.

All taxi trips will be metered, so no haggling about the fare is required! Fares can vary depending on the time of day. Peak time rides will cost more!

Taxi Companies:

Train Service (MRT)

The SMRT Corporation is a public transport operator. They operate trains, buses, taxis and other public transport services.

The MRT or Mass Rapid Transit system is the railway system in Singapore. The network is extensive and covers 170.7 km of routes with 121 stations. Train stations and trains are safe and clean.  In keeping with customer demand the MRT network is constantly being expanded and upgraded.

No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed. The trains are air conditioned and mobile service is available in all stations and along the entire MRT network. During peak hours they can be very crowded but the service frequency is high. The MRT operates from 5:30 am to 1: am daily. 

There may be some exceptions on public holidays when the trains may offer longer operating hours or shorter hours when track maintenance is required.

All stations have Passenger Service Centers and General Ticketing Machines (GTM's) where tickets can be purchased. The EZ Link card is a smart card which offers a hassle free ticket service and can be used on trains, public buses and even in some retailers. 

The EZ Link cards can be loaded with a maximum value of $500 at the Passenger service center or GTM machines. Top ups can be made at the same or online.
EZ Link card readers are positioned  at the entrance of all train platform access points. The card is tapped on the card reader at the start and at the end of the journey.

Most below ground train stations also double as bomb shelters!

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